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Color + sound


Color Space by John Short & Praline



What is the Role of Human Memory in Architecture?

Memory in architecture was a important subject in my Master thesis, and I’m still occupied with this topic.

Link to Maria Lorema Lehman’s site








Lene Berg: Encounter – Gentlemen & Arseholes, book, 2007.

Another project I’m working on is a freelance job for Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo. 11.10.2012 a exhibition with the works of artist Lene Berg opens, and my job has been to design different elements – seatings and displays- which is going to be part of the different situastions the artworks adds up to. 

Can’t reveal anything more at this point, but photos, sketches and process will be posted after the exhibition has opened next week!

Lene Berg at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

     Lene …

The old blacksmith building






I’m currently working with an old blacksmith building. The building is dated around the 40’s and is in a really good condition, despite the aesthetic deficiencies. The former blacksmith building and until recently car workshop, is now going to be the new location for a plumber business. This requires a new structure inside the building with space for offices, a showroom and storage. The second floor will eventually be used for 4 nice appartments, and a new building, as an extension, is needed. How should the new and the old meet?

I really appreciate this project. My role as both an architect and interior architect, gives me valuable professional experiences! More info – sketches & drawings – will come soon!


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Back in business!

It’s been a long year since I last blogged. It doesn’t feel that long, but a lot of things has happened! I’m now finished with my master degree in design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and has started working. I have a lot of interesting projects going on, both as a freelance designer and as an interiorarchitect at a designstudio.

My work can be found here. But I also wanted a less static format to share my stuff – so I thought I would bring this blog back to life!